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MTT’s Future has a Foundation in its Past
Wing In Ground” craft.  MTT was awarded a contract to design the propulsion system for our Korean partner, Wing Ship Technology.  A fast ferry that flies above the ocean surface via a cushion of high-pressure air between its wing and the water.

The 1400 HP Propulsion System with custom 10 foot prop for the Wing In Ground craft develops 4,800 lbs thrust. It can be designed for forward, neutral and reverse; variable and fixed prop. Industrial Workboat applications include prime power for firefighting, dredging, trenching, wireline boats, marsh clean-up, utility & powerlines, EMS & rescue, and general workboat transportation.

Industry Standard vs. Extraordinary
It's no secret that Turbine Engines have a greater power-to-weight ratio than reciprocating engines and have been the industry standard in aviation for years. Yet in an extraordinary show of turbine innovation, MTT turned the industry on its head by successfully installing turbines into non-aviation machines.
Initially the focus was high performance Boats with projects ranging in diversity from a 14-ft airboat to a 32-ft Eliminator™ to even a 92-ft Sportfish™. But soon came the desire to test the potential of turbine power in other markets.
MTT diversified and developed the first turbine-powered Outboard sanctioned by the US military for noise attenuation and a stealth heat signature. This model has a 318 HP Rolls-Royce turbine installed.


As a further illustration of turbine diversity, MTT engineered turbine powered automobiles. The RetroROCKET™ custom hot-rod is street legal and 420 HP.
Recently MTT designed a 420 HP Mini Cooper S conversion. The factory engine was left as-is under the hood and the turbine was installed in the rear for an all wheel drive vehicle.

Documented speed trial of turbine-powered Mini-Cooper. 1/4 Mile in 10.88 seconds; 135.2 MPH

MTT not only designed the first turbine-powered street legal motorcycle, but also the most powerful production bike in the world: the Y2K Jet Bike, predecessor of the MTT Turbine SUPERBIKE™. Featured heavily in the Media including the Warner Brother's® movie "Torque" and holder of two Guinness® World Records, the Turbine SUPERBIKE™ has been a showstopper since it was introduced. 

Leading Turbine Innovation 
Having produced the ultimate high-performance machines, MTT moved to the industrial marketplace. Consequently, the fully transportable turbine-powered Fire Pump system and water delivery unit was born, ranging in capacity from a 1,000 GPM airboat to a 16,000 GPM shipboard unit. Turbine power ranges from 420 HP to two each 1,400 HP engines in a single package. 
The 4,400 GPM Unit can fit in a Truck Bed.
These compact units support offshore supply vessels, port security, oil production, irrigation, water jetting, and even flood control in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. 

The 8,000 GPM X 4 units are FiFi 2 Class compliant.

A double cabinet that produces 16,000 GPM is available in an 8’ X 9’ footprint. Two 16,000 packages equal FiFi 2 Class.

A 10,600 GPM package complies with FiFi 1 specifications.

½ FiFi’s at 5,285 GPM are also available.
Four 8,000 GPM Units equal FiFi 2 specifications.

MTT recently embarked on an emergency vehicle design combining the versatility of an airboat with 1,000 GPM fire-fighting, EMS, and rescue capabilities. The MTT Turbine Fire-Fighting Airboat™ is powered by a 420 HP Rolls-Royce® turbine engine featuring an electronic control system managing all starting procedures, fuel consumption, and engine governing. This innovative, amphibious emergency vehicle is akin to a Swiss Army Knife, with a multitude of applications housed in a 16’ – 22’ package. Landing gear was installed so the airboat can drive on city streets or across fields.


Frac Stack Pack

As head of technology for our oilfield service partners, MTT designed and built the first fully integrated “Frac Stack Pack”. These frac units use a 3,850 HP turbine to drive a 2,000 to 2,700+ HHP pump.
Frac Stack Pack. Two 3,850 HP turbines drive two pumps.
Due to its small size and weight, MTT can customize two on a trailer with a control house. Three on a trailer can also be configured. At 23,000 lbs per Stack Pack wet, a single frac unit can be placed on a small bobtail for tight roads and difficult field access. Proven emissions reduction of up to 80% less than a diesel engine running on #2 diesel fuel. Bio fuel ready. 
19,000 Hydraulic HP on MTT’s test dock in Louisiana. Left to Right:

2 trailers each with double 2000 OFM triplex pumps. 8,000 HHP total. 15,400 turbine HP.

2 trailers each with double 2250 National triplex pumps. 9,000 HHP total. 15,400 turbine HP.

1 trailer with double 1000 SPM quints. 2,000 HHP total. 2,800 turbine HP. Plus 420 HP pony turbine for hydraulics.


MTT Turbine Double Pumper

In response to the industry’s need for high-density capacity in chemical and general pumping, MTT has produced the MTT Turbine Double Pumper featuring dual 1,400 HP turbines driving dual 1,000 HHP quintiplex pumps on a single trailer. A 420 HP turbine is installed to drive the hydraulic system.

These chemical and general pumps can be used for any number of fluids, cement or acid. They are also used for pump down work, coiled tubing support and P&A. Bio fuel ready.
Double Pumper. Two 1,400 HP turbines drive two 1,000 HHP pumps. A 420 HP turbine drives the hydraulics.


Turbine Nitrogen Pump

Nitrogen is used to fulfill many oil well stimulation requirements. But there are size and weight limitations governing how much volume can be delivered via the conventional diesel-powered pump trucks. MTT has solved this problem by designing the MTT Turbine Nitrogen Pump™, providing greater product capacity with the smallest power train footprint possible (420 HP - 3,800 HP), thereby leaving more room for larger storage tanks. 
Nitrogen Pumper. A 420 HP turbine for prime power. The waste turbine heat flashes the liquid N2.
MTT’s design uses the waste heat from the 420 HP turbine to flash the liquid N2 and well as to provide prime power. The turbine as shown weighs only 160 lbs. Bio fuel ready. 


MTT Turbine NitroGEN

To support frac operations along with other high-use nitrogen applications, MTT is developing a turbine-powered mobile nitrogen generator - the MTT Turbine NitroGEN™ - generating gaseous nitrogen on-site. 


Blending Units

In addition to manufacturing turbine-powered frac pumps, MTT integrates two 1,400 HP turbine engines into Blending Units as part of a typical frac spread. Completely contained and mobile, each turbine powerplant has a footprint of only 9' x 4'. Bio fuel ready. 
Blender Unit. Two 1,400 HP turbines drives the system. 100% redundancy based on demand.


General Fuid and Chemical Pumping

For General Fluid and Chemical Pumping, MTT introduces an upgradeable 600 HHP trailer with a 1,400 HP turbine driver. Very flexible and bio fuel ready.  
General Fluid and Chemical Pumper with a 1,400 HP turbine driver.

All things considered, it's easy to see why MTT's turbine-powered industrial equipment is well on its way to making its diesel counterparts obsolete.  And with more product development underway, MTT will soon be the benchmark by which the state-of-the-art is measured.


Turbine Vehicle History

1928: Opel's RAK 1 ran up to 47-mph for a few seconds before they called the project off.

1945: WWII was over and the spirit of the jet age was everywhere. Car manufacturers intended to make the jet car the vehicle of the future.

1950: While GM® was inspired by tomorrow's fighters, the British company Rover recreated yesterday's bombers. The Jet 1 was not aesthetically pleasing, but it was the world's first gas turbine car and was tested up to 152-mph. GM® saw their future in the sky, and set out to produce jet fighters that ran on the ground. In Firebird I, steering, acceleration, and braking were all controlled using a single joystick. It traveled 230-mph.

1954: Fiat® releases La Turbina, a streamlined coupe with huge fins, jet-fighter exhaust, and a racing paint scheme. Its 200-bhp powerplant pushed it to 155-mph, using a combination of wheel drive and jet thrust. Chrysler® took a more practical approach by installing a turbine in a standard 1954 Plymouth™, confusing people with its whistling and roaring sounds.

1956: GM's® Firebird II was futuristic in both appearance and design. The Firebird II could be driven hands-free by an automatic guidance system. The central stick would fold away, locking into a signal from a strip in the road, and the cones in the front jet scoops would align the car with the strip.

1958: Wildest of all was the Firebird III, with nine fins and twin bubble canopies. It had an automatic guidance system and single-stick control as well. It also had power gull wing doors, a trunk floor that could be raised for easy loading, and a small piston engine to run all the accessories.

1961: As a response to the innovative ideas coming out of GM®, Chrysler® produced the Turboflite. In addition to a jet turbine engine, the Turboflite had a wrap-around windshield attached to the roof. When a door was opened, the entire top, including the windshield, raised automatically, pivoting at its hinged rear edge. Side windows were hinged at the roof and swung out as the top lifted.

1998: MTT creates the RetroROCKET™. Equipped with automatic transmission, power steering, air conditioning, power brakes, power electric windows, cruise control and more, this truck is capable of traveling over 600-miles without re-fueling.

2000: The year 2000 is greeted by the introduction of the Y2K Jet Bike, predecessor to the MTT Turbine SUPERBIKE™, the world's first turbine-powered motorcycle produced by MTT.  Powered by an Allison-Rolls Royce® engine, the bike features SmartStart™ ignition, full-color flat screen digital dash, forward-and rear-seeking radar detector with laser scrambler and more, securing MTT's place in the turbine vehicle history books.

2011 - The Future: MTT is exceeding the bounds of turbine innovation with a turbine-powered hybrid vehicle.  Emission friendly, it runs on bio fuels. The powertrain uses a 420-hp turbine for on-demand power generation then stores it for DC power to operate the vehicle on all four wheels.  This concept vehicle can run on DC, prime turbine power, or the original reciprocating engine if desired.  Truly visionary, it is ideal for personal use, long haul trucking, public transportation - such as busses - and especially for military transport, where electrical propulsion and a low heat signature are required for stealth situations.


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