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  Stang 2.5” monitor.  Used for MTT airboat and small custom applications.  
  Stang 3" monitor.  Used for airboat, deluge and custom MTT applications.  
  Stang 6” monitor used for MTT’s 4,400, 5,285 and 10,600 GPM FiFi 1 units.  
  Stang 6” monitor with foam capability.  
  Stang 8” monitor used for MTT’s 8,000 and 16,000 GPM FiFi 2 units.  
Stang FiFi and Big Gun Monitors
MTT can customize monitor applications up to 16” for fire, water jet, mining, haz-mat and flood control.

Letters of Endorsement

A testament to MTT's innovations in turbine-powered fire-fighting equipment, MTT received the following letter from Scott Crislip, President of Rolls-Royce® Helicopters and Small Gas Turbine Engines, as an endorsement of our use of Rolls-Royce engines in non-traditional industrial applications.

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The Airboat launches itself by driving into the water.

Amphibious EMS & Rescue Vehicle

Designed to travel over water, land, and ice, the MTT Turbine Fire-Fighting Airboat also functions as a multi-climate, multi-terrain EMS and rescue vehicle.  Fitted with a proprietary, hydraulically-controlled landing gear wheel system and ice brake, it can traverse over dry land or ice for land-based or frozen lake emergency missions.  Likewise, inflatable hull collars have been added to ensure stability on open water.  These amphibious capabilities result in shorter travel times at a speed critical to First Responders.

Drive out of the water with the landing gear.

The Fire-Fighting Airboat can be fitted with sirens, lights, radios, tool racks, medical gear storage, diver rigs, patient litters, and custom paint schemes consistent with your department.  On-board augers can be deployed on the surface of frozen lakes to prime the pump’s suction lines and deliver 1,000 to over 1,700 GPM to your target.  The control cab can be configured to house up to three operators in an enclosed shelter that protects emergency personnel from extreme weather conditions.


For fire-fighting specifications, click here.



Airboat with a curtain spray.


  • Fire, flood and EMS for communities along a river, bay or lake.
  • Use the firepump for water delivery to tankers when in mountainous and deep country regions.
  • Support USDA Forest Service missions.
  • Port security and fire protection.
  • Homeland Security and FEMA.
  • Law enforcement with non-lethal deterrent.
  • Haz-Mat.

MTT Airboat pumping with multiple nozzles.

Landing craft with NAVY Seal delivery.

Turbine powered landing craft.

Turbine powered outboard. The US Military commissioned MTT to design a low noise, low IR signature propulsion system.


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