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Job Openings

At the current time, MTT has the following job openings:

     1.   LYCOMING T55-712 Mechanic

Summary: Mechanic. Experience with troubleshooting, tear down, dimensional inspection, NDT, parts removal, replacement, assembly and test. Full time position.

Qualifications: Experience is required. Depot level experience is preferred. The ideal candidate will be fully familiar with all engine components and overhaul procedures.

Additional requirements of this position are:

Work in the turbine shop and process Lycoming T-55, T-53 and Rolls-Royce 250 Series engines.
Assist with production records, inventory and materials data, maintenance records and test results.
Assist with cost estimates and bill of materials
Assist with the furtherance of sound maintenance policies and procedures.
Occasional field service, domestic and international. A valid passport will be required.

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