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Latest Products:

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MTT Fluid, N2 and Chemical Units

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MTT has received pre-approval from these lenders that the following MTT products can be financed under this unique and flexible program:

Fire Pumps
Flood Control Pumps
Haz-Mat Pump Units
Fire-Fighting Air Boats

Our lending partners can finance MTT's industrial equipment for the following types of borrowing parties and situations:


State Agencies
Federal Leases
QZAB (tax credit leases)
Fire Districts
School Districts
Vendor & Broker Programs
Water & Sewage Districts
Hospitals & Government Agencies


Due to the tax-exempt interest rates in the leases, this type of financing is generally limited to US-based municipal and governmental agencies. In some cases, Canadian customers may be able to enjoy the benefits of lease purchase financing as well, but interest rates will be based on current Canadian rates, not the US tax-exempt market.

All lending applications and approvals should go directly through our partners, not through MTT. Either lender will work with you to secure the financing. To begin the process after you have received the product quotation from MTT, simply call or go to:

First Municipal Leasing Corporation: http://www.fmlc.com

Municipal Asset Management: http://www.oraclewiz.com





For your general reference, over-and-above the products offered by MTT, the types of equipment these lenders will finance cover a wide range, including:

Fire Trucks and Fire Apparatus
Waste Transfer and Recycle
Industrial Equipment - Light and Heavy
Pumps, Piping and Filtration systems
Water and Sewage Treatment Equipment
Waste Containers & Refuse Trucks
Ambulances, EMS and Police Vehicles
Fire Houses & Stations
and other Real Estate Projects


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