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19,000 Hydraulic HP on MTT’s test dock in Louisiana. Left to Right:

2 trailers each with double 2000 OFM triplex pumps. 8,000 HHP total. 15,400 turbine HP.

2 trailers each with double 2250 National triplex pumps. 9,000 HHP total. 15,400 turbine HP.

1 trailer with double 1000 SPM quints. 2,000 HHP total. 2,800 turbine HP. Plus 420 HP pony turbine for hydraulics.




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Letters of Endorsement

BIC, the Business and Industry Connection, wrote this glowing endorsement of MTT as the manufacturing entity of sister company, Turbine Stimulation Technologies. MTT's contribution to fracing is hailed as "The Jet Frac Revolution".

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Frac Stack Pack Specification

T-55 turbine engine
Power: 3,850 HP

Hydraulic Horsepower: 2,000 - 2,700+ HHP
Rate: Up to 48 BPM
Pressure: Up to 20,000 PSI

Emissions: 80% less NOx and CO than diesel engines running on #2 diesel fuel

Fuel: Runs on #2 diesel and bio-fuel up to B-100

Natural Gas: Fuel conversion available for field gas, CNG and LNG

Transport: Frac packs are air transportable




19,000 Frac HHP with two Blenders and a Data Van

Frac job in East Texas. 19,000 HHP with 125 BPM Blender and Data Van.



Dual Purpose Nitrogen Pumper

For super-heated nitrogen applications, MTT is adapting our standard 180,000 scfh pumper to add a dry exhaust heat exchanger to supplement the flow.  This trailer will now include the basic N2 liquid to gas conversion for stimulation, plus a super-heated output.  Features include:

  • Straight liquid N2 for cooling applications
  • High rates of N2 with a sustained 6,000 scfm at ambient temp
  • 450 F customer gas discharge temp at a sustainable 3000 scfm
  • 4,000 PSI
This super-heated N2 is used for many applications including pipeline cleaning.


Drill Water Evaporation Process

Drill water disposal has long been a costly problem.  Reinjection is not always feasible due to potential pollutants being introduced into the water table.  MTT’s response is to evaporate the water via the turbine waste heat when running any frac or pump job.  MTT’s soon to be released production model will consist of a removable water collection vessel ducted near the turbine exhaust.  A continuous supply of drill water is directed to the vessel and harmless steam is then vented to atmosphere.  Residual solids in the vessel are collected and safely disposed of.  A high volume of waste water can be continuously disposed of at site and can act as a processing depot for surrounding fields.  The  1,000+ degree turbine waste heat is literally “free energy” when the turbine is running any form of pump job.


Nitrogen Generation

To support fracing equipment along with other high-use nitrogen applications, MTT is developing the first turbine-powered mobile nitrogen generator: the MTT Turbine NitroGen, generating gaseous nitrogen on site.

A natural extension of the MTT Turbine Nitrogen Pump recently released to the market, these Turbine NitroGEN units provide from 420 to 3,800 HP on a single trailer.  The turbine engine, nitrogen generation process, its support systems, pumps, and control house are all embodied on a conventional trailer and achieves an incredibly high output in a minimal amount of space.  As a result, the MTT Turbine NitroGen can easily be modularized for air transport and is suitable as a barge-based nitrogen hub supporting offshore work. Bio fuel ready.


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