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Engine: Rolls Royce Allison, 250 series gas turbine
Power: 320-HP @ 52,000-rpm, (286-HP @ rear wheel)
Torque: 425-ft/lbs @ 2,000-rpm

Transmission: 2-speed, automatic
Lubrication: Dry-sump/3.5-qts turbine oil
Frame: Aluminum alloy

    (Anodized swingarm pictured below)

Weight: 500-lbs Output
RPM: 6,000-rpm
Compressor Speed: 54,000-rpm

Fairings: Carbon fiber
Rake: 27 degrees
Colors: Infinite custom colors

    (Racing Yellow, Titanium, & Platinum pictured below)

Fuel: Diesel and kerosene
Fuel Capacity: 8.5-gal (34-liters)
Reserve Tank: 1.5-gal (6-liters)

Wheels: 17-in carbon fiber; Dymag
Wheel Base: 68-in
Tires: Front - 120 60ZR17, Pirelli
         Rear - 200 50ZR17, Pirelli

    (Dymag wheels pictured below)

Front Forks: 55-mm, inverted
Shocks: Mono-shock adjustable, oleo-pneumatic, Ohlins
Brakes: 3x320-mm floating system, 4-piston calipers, Brembo

Seat Height: 31.5-in
Seat: Single or double
Rear View: Rear-mounted camera with LCD color monitor, plus side mirrors

    (Dash monitor pictured below)


The newest generation that will come standard with a
420-HP turbine engine when requested.

    (MTT Turbine StreetFighter pictured below)



(TM) appeared in 2 new television shows: "Planet Luxury" on CTV and "Speedology - The Science of Speed" on National Geographic. Planet Luxury featured the MTT Turbine SUPERBIKE as one of the most sought-after luxury items of its time, distinguished with a $175,000.00 price tag. The Speedology episode highlighted the bike's engineering superiority in terms of high performance, having the greatest power-to-weight ratio of production vehicles to date.



Celebrity Corner

Jay Leno of "The Tonight Show":

"I've got to go with the Y2K Jet Bike as one of the all time sexiest. It's the most fun because it's a bike - and it's a jet. And because it's the best ever motorcycle for shutting up the Harley guys…"

Motorcyclist: 'Jay's 10 Sexiest Bikes'
July 2004

"That's the fun thing about it…the faster you go, the more power you make. When you whack it open at 100, geez, it really pulls - it really pulls. It's hilarious!"

Motorcyclist: "the BIG issue"
Feb. 2004

"Of course, as a member in good standing of the 'More Money Than Brains Club', I had to have one…it's like the hand of God pushing you in the back."

Popular Mechanics: 'Recycled Jet-Setter'
Aug. 2001

Sheik Ali of the U.A.E.

HRH Sheik Ali, royal prince of the United Arab Emirates, bought a Turbine SUPERBIKE™. Featuring the U.A.E. flag and falcon on a royal purple background, this custom paint job is truly fit for a prince.

Las Vegas Bellagio:

Making a cameo appearance at the Bellagio casino and resort on the Las Vegas strip, the Turbine SUPERBIKE™ loaned an air of automotive luxury while on display in the prestigious shopping promenade.

Turbine STREETFIGHTER on Exhibit

Photograph provided by www.Bikeland.org
Legend of the Motorcycle - the first world-class Concourse d'Elegance exclusively for motorcycles - invited MTT to appear and participate in its 2007 event in Half Moon Bay, CA at the gorgeous Ritz Carlton overlooking the Pacific Ocean. By special invitation, MTT prominently displayed the Turbine STREETFIGHTER (TM) for "Exhibition Only".

All other bikes were there for some serious judging. It was amazing to see bikes almost 90-years old driving up the ramp to receive their award. At the conclusion of the event, MTT participated in a 45-mile rally that drove through the mountains of Santa Cruz. It was rewarding to see so many antique bikes join the ride.

Photograph provided by www.Bikeland.org


Turbine SUPERBIKE in Microsoft Video Game

MTT Turbine SUPERBIKE (TM) featured in the new Microsoft (R) Game Studios video game sequel: "PGR4 - Project Gotham Racing 4". Listed alongside vehicles such as the Ferrari F50 GT, Mclaren F1 LM, Saleen S7 Twin Turbo, Maserati MC12, and Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT and motorcycles including the Yamaha YZF-R1, Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14, Aprilia Tuono R, Ducati 998, and Suzuki GSX-R1000, the Turbine SUPERBIKE is in excellent company.



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