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MTT Frac Pumps

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MTT Fluid, N2 and Chemical Units

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In view of the preceding, the following MTT partnership opportunities are explained:

Frac Pumps & Blenders: MTT has recently commissioned various well stimulation equipment to the field.  Additional units are under construction.  A partnership or a Joint Venture will be considered after further discussions.

Fluid Pumps and Nitrogen Pumps: MTT has recently commissioned various well stimulation equipment to the field.  Additional units are under construction.  A partnership or a Joint Venture will be considered after further discussions. 

Nitrogen Generation: MTT has a unique design under development.  MTT is open to discussions from OEM's and oil field service companies.  The MTT high density solution is applicable to any market sector requiring high volume nitrogen produced at site or delivered from local depots. 

Fire Pumps and Flood Control: Distribution agreements and fleet opportunities are available for fire-fighting equipment, flood control and water delivery for government, military and commercial applications. 

Military and Commercial Transportation: MTT has several conceptual designs for a hybrid powertrain using 420, 1,400 and 3,800 HP turbine power plants.  This power generation technology creates power on demand, and then stores it for DC power to operate the vehicle on four to 18 wheeled vehicles.  Applicable to specialized vehicles as well.  The vehicle can run on DC, prime turbine power, or the original reciprocating engine if desired.  Due to the nature of this technology, the only partnership opportunities are with auto/truck OEM's and military conversion projects.

Power Generation: MTT has a functional design for various sized power generation units using 420, 1,400 and 3,800 HP turbine power plants.  Each design has the capability of heat recovery which dramatically improves efficiencies.  Heat recovery is commonly associated with process steam production but has many other industrial uses. 

Marine Projects: Partnership opportunities exist for government, military and commercial parties with long term production expectations.  These projects would involve significant design innovations with emphasis on Green Technology.


Custom/Prototype Projects: MTT performs certain custom projects based on the strength of the product and the surety of volume manufacturing.  However, MTT is unable to take on prototype projects for one-off fabrication unless there is a broader partnership agreement with a high volume production expectation and a route to market.

MTT Turbine SUPERBIKE™: Partnerships and Dealerships are based on the party’s ability to demonstrate an effective market plan and access to a very exclusive customer base.  A dealership requires an initial Turbine SUPERBIKE purchase for their showroom. 

For More Information

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The MTT Power Package for Partnerships

MTT brings an array of services to the table. The following represents the general scope of design and fabrication components we offer when entering into a partnership:

Proven turbine power in varying HP ranges
Proprietary reduction gearbox design and construction
Proprietary and standard driveline components
Proprietary digital controls (SmartSTART™) to operate the turbine and driven equipment
A fluid end (i.e. variable pressure and flow delivery)
Accessory package (fuel supply, lube and cooling, inlet air handling, exhaust, filtration, gauges, AC electrical, DC power, auxiliary pads for power accessories, etc.)
Full fabrication and integration: If used in an Industrial application, MTT provides a turn key steel or aluminum enclosure that is self-contained, fixed or mobile. If used in a Marine application, MTT integrates into your hull.
Full engineering and documentation
Customer-to-Engineer interface: Recommendations, improvements and problem solving

Turbine Horsepower Offered

All near term projects that MTT undertakes will be powered by turbine HP using the following increments. We have found these to be the most adaptable to the range of products we specialize in.

420 HP
600 HP
1,400 HP
3,800 HP

Kits and Prototypes

MTT does not supply kits for single-build customer conversions. All products we manufacture and integrate require hands-on construction at our facility in Louisiana. If there are major customer furnished components that create an exception to this rule under a volume manufacturing contract it will be managed on a case-by-case basis.




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