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Currently designed for 250 kW output, the PowerGen’s turbine has been de-rated for greater longevity.  Such longevity is critical, as these power generation sets can deliver emergency power for use by Homeland Security, FEMA, or municipalities. As is typical with all MTT turbine installations, the turbine’s unequaled power-to-weight ratio results in the MTT PowerGen having a smaller footprint that is especially critical when transported by a light duty military vehicle.

  In addition to providing emergency power supply, these versatile Turbine PowerGen sets are suitable for shipboard use as well as land-based applications, including modular field conversion to a fluid pump for fire control, de-watering, or general pumping requirements.  They can also be converted for use as an air compressor for salvage operations or underwater trenching.

The PowerGen unit has the same general arrangement as our Nitrogen Pumpers

The turbine is housed in the small 4' x 4' lower cube. The optional heat exchanger for steam and process applications sits above the engine compartment and manages the 1,100F exhaust heat.

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