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33' Eliminator with 1,400 HP Lycoming T-53 L-13 turbine package installed.


MC2 Mini Magazine published this article after witnessing the Turbine-Powered Mini® at the Gulfport, MS Dragway.

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Turbine-Powered Automobiles

MTT Turbine RetroROCKET™

In the early 1960's, Chrysler stunned the world with its version of a turbine-powered car.  With an interest in renewing this buzz, MTT called upon its extensive turbine installation experience and produced the MTT Turbine RetroROCKET.  Built from the popular Chevy S-10 truck, the Turbine RetroROCKET combines the nostalgia of a 1940 Ford with the features of a modern truck.

The Turbine RetroROCKET is equipped with a Rolls Royce-Allison 250-C20B series engine, making 420 shaft horsepower.  As with all MTT conversions, the Turbine RetroROCKET was designed to run on standard diesel fuel.  With many thousands of miles of road time (including the 2003, 2004, and 2005 Hotrod Power Tours), this custom truck is a showstopper wherever it goes.

MTT featured in the Science Channel program "Cool Fuel Roadtrip" on the Discovery network.  The program takes viewers on an epic roadtrip across the US and back in vehicles powered only by renewable resources, specifically no petroleum products.  On the journey through MS and LA, the show's host, Shaun Murphy, and his team met up with the MTT Turbine RetroROCKET (TM), a turbine-powered S-10 pick-up truck capable of running on biodiesel.  Considering the RetroROCKET's high performance, numerous technical innovations, and "fun factor", Shaun was delighted to drive MTT's alternative to eco-friendly vehicles.


Check it out @ on Discovery


A Mighty Mini®

MTT recently set its sights on the truly extreme. Riding the wave of Mini madness, MTT installed a 420 HP Rolls Royce-Allison 250-C20B series turbine into the hatchback of a Cooper S, separated from the front seats by a firewall and Plexiglas. This Mini can run on the factory recip engine (powering the front wheels), the turbine engine (powering the rear wheels), or both. Front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or 4 x 4 are in hand, with all factory accessories functioning without interference. See the article in MC2 Mini Magazine.


Photographs above and below: Copyright Bruce Smith, courtesy of MC2 magazine.

Documented speed trial of turbine-powered Mini-Cooper. 1/4 Mile in 10.88 seconds; 135.2 MPH

Fire-Fighting Airboats for EMS and Rescue 
MTT has successfully developed an emergency vehicle design combining the versatility of an airboat with full fire-fighting, EMS, and rescue capabilities. The MTT Turbine Fire-Fighting Airboat is powered by a 420 HP Rolls-Royce turbine engine, featuring an electronic control system managing all starting procedures, fuel consumption, and engine governing. This innovative, amphibious emergency vehicle is akin to a Swiss Army Knife with a multitude of applications housed in one tidy 16' - 24' package.
Providing full fire-fighting capability, the Fire-Fighting Airboat has a water pump system within its trailer legal hull. The 16’ model is designed to deliver 1,000 to over 1,700 GPM a distance of 300+ feet with either hand-held nozzles or remote-controlled cannons mounted to the hull. Pressures are approximately 170 PSI based on the application. The vertical water lift is 15+ feet for when the airboat is stationed on an embankment or bridge.
The Fire-Fighting Airboat is also a rapid response flood control vehicle that can be used in any situation such as when MTT performed a contract to pump out New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.

The Retractable Landing Gear allows the airboat to deploy on city streets and then launch itself into a water body.


Specialized Transportation and Commercial Ferry

Wing In Ground” craft. MTT was recently awarded a contract to design the propulsion system for our Korean partner, Wing Ship Technology. The WIG is a fast ferry that flies above the ocean surface via a cushion of high-pressure air between its wing and the water.

The 1,400 HP Propulsion System with custom 10 foot prop for the Wing In Ground craft develops 4,800 lbs thrust. It can be designed for forward, neutral and reverse; variable and fixed prop.


Propulsion Systems for Industrial Workboats


MTT specializes in custom designed Propulsion Systems for Industrial Workboats. These can be large airboats with special purpose decks with room for heavy equipment used for firefighting, dredging, pipe trenching, wireline, marsh clean-up, utility & powerlines, EMS & rescue, and general transportation. The size of the airboat is only limited by the propulsion system. Therefore, MTT uses our core 1,400 HP propulsion system – with 4,800 lbs of thrust - which can be a dual system (2,800 HP) or greater depending on the application.



Military Projects

As the single largest consumer of turbines, the U.S. Military recognizes the potential of turbine power. Turbines now power most large military vessels, such as carriers and destroyers, and are systematically making their way into the smaller littoral craft arena. In response to this demand, MTT was awarded a Phase I SBIR contract to address noise and IR signatures in NSW craft.


MTT's landing craft for stealth personnel and heavy transport.

MTT Turbine Outboard

As a response to military requirements, MTT designed and built the first turbine-powered outboard motor. The MTT Turbine Outboard was demonstrated to the US Military in an effort to assist them in fulfilling their mandate that all equipment aboard military ships must transition from gasoline (a more volatile fuel than diesel). The outboard was used to power a landing craft carrying a S.E.A.L. Delivery Vessel (pictured above) and other vehicles, performing with amazing results.


Special features of the outboard include infrared-resistant cowling to thwart enemy tracking.  Ironically, the heat signature of the boat passengers registered higher than that of the outboard motor itself.

Go-Fast Boats and Poker Runs

On a lighter note, engaging in military projects doesn't stop MTT from knowing how to have a little fun. The waterways of south Louisiana have seen dozens of MTT’s turbine powered boats. MTT is also known for participating in local Poker Runs



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