In the early 1960’s, Chrysler stunned the world with its version of a turbine-powered car.  With an interest in renewing this buzz, MTT called upon its extensive turbine installation experience and produced the MTT Turbine RetroROCKET.  Built from the popular Chevy S-10 truck, the Turbine RetroROCKET combines the nostalgia of a 1940 Ford with the features of a modern truck.

The Turbine RetroROCKET is equipped with a Rolls Royce-Allison 250-C20B series engine making 420 shaft horsepower.  As with all MTT conversions, the Turbine RetroROCKET was designed to run on standard diesel fuel.  With many thousands of miles of road time (including numerous Hotrod Power Tours), this custom truck is a showstopper wherever it goes.

Later, MTT set its sights on the truly extreme. Riding the wave of Mini madness, MTT installed a 420 HP Rolls Royce-Allison 250-C20B series turbine into the hatchback of a Cooper S, separated from the front seats by a firewall and Plexiglas.  This Mini can run on the factory recip engine (powering the front wheels), the turbine engine (powering the rear wheels), or both. Front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or 4 x 4 are in hand with all factory accessories functioning without interference