Frac Equipment Packages

MTT are the developers and leaders of the turbine-powered frac equipment revolution.   We designed and built the first fully integrated “Frac Stack Pack” and successfully supported large fleets operating in the field.  These frac units use a 3,850 HP turbine to drive a 2,000 to 3,000 HHP pump for well stimulation applications.  MTT packages are small, light weight and can be customized to customer specifications for land or offshore use.

Because of the small frac footprint MTT is able to put two frac units on a single trailer.  This saves space on crowded pad sites in addition to capital cost savings due to one less tractor and trailer required.  It also saves the expense of an extra driver, insurance and general infrastructure.  If desired, a single frac unit can be configured on a small bobtail truck which is appropriate for tight and mountainous roads.

All frac packages can be manufactured with optional fuel systems.  The MTT frac units run on 100% liquid fuels (#2 diesel, kerosene, aviation and bio fuels).  They also run 100% on gas (pipeline natural gas, field gas, propane, LNG, CNG, low BTU digester and landfill gas).  The ability to run 100% on both fuels (liquid and gas) is referred to as “dual fuel”.  Dual fuel capability is unique to turbines and should not be confused with “bi-fuel”.   Bi-fuel consists of mixing natural gas and a liquid fuel in a diesel engine.  The bi-fuel option is not completely proven and it can be cumbersome by its very nature.

MTT’s turbines used for fracking are Tier IV compliant without any added treatment.

MTT also uses state-of-the-art digital control systems with data logging and operational control via the web.  The sophisticated control features allow for the management of multiple frac packages with communications to the blender.

For years, the oil industry has depended on reciprocating engines to power its equipment despite the known limitations of diesel engines. Characterized as having lower pump rates, being oversized, heavy and having reliability issues, diesels have struggled to stay on the cutting-edge of industrial technology.

The MTT Frac Stack Pack is powered by a split-shaft turbine engine with varying speeds for the fluid end.  Unlike its diesel counterpart which depends on gear reduction to provide enough power to overcome pressure increases, split-shaft turbines do not sacrifice pump rate.

Frac Stack Pack Specification

Engine:  T-55 or TF-40 Turbine Engine
Power:  3,850 HP

Hydraulic Horsepower:  2,000 – 3,000 HHP
Rate:  Up to 48 BPM
Pressure:  Up to 20,000 PSI

Emissions:  Tier IV Compliant.  80% Less NOx and CO than Diesel Engines.

Liquid Fuel:  Runs on #2 Diesel and Bio-Fuel up to B-100

Natural Gas:  Runs on Field Gas, Pipeline Gas, CNG and LNG

Transport:   Frac Packs are Air Transportable




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Runs on #2 Diesel & Bio-Fuel up to B-100 & Operates on Field Gas, Pipeline Gas, CNG & LNG : Tier IV Compliant : 80% Less NOx and CO2 than Diesel

19,000 Hydraulic HP on MTT’s test dock in Louisiana. Left to Right:


2 trailers each with double 2000 OFM triplex pumps. 8,000 HHP total. 15,400 turbine HP.


2 trailers each with double 2250 National triplex pumps. 9,000 HHP total. 15,400 turbine HP.


1 trailer with double 1000 SPM quints. 2,000 HHP total. 2,800 turbine HP.  Plus 420 HP pony turbine for hydraulics.