Ted McIntyre and his crew featured on speedonthewater.com for participating in this year’s historic Cuba Powerboat Rally.

From speedonthewater.com…
“Expecting nothing less, members of the Florida Powerboat Club were treated to the adventure of a lifetime as the club embarked on a historic event to the island nation of Cuba.

Like pretty much everyone who heard that the FPC was planning a trip to Cuba in mid-May, I thought it would be pretty neat to be part of the first powerboat rally to the country, which recently restored diplomatic relations with the United States, in more than 50 years. Limited to just 20 boats—17 ended up making the 110-mile run from Key West, Fla., to Havana Harbor in Cuba—the event was practically guaranteed to be as memorable as any boating trip imaginable. Let’s just say everyone in attendance will never forget the adventure.”…..CLICK BELOW TO READ MORE

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