This is where MTT started:  Turbine engines used in boats and for marine special projects. 

Why use turbines in boats?  The clear choice for power in the aviation industry, turbine engines are a viable multi-fuel power option for the demanding marine industry.  Why? Interestingly, the friction created by wetted opposing surfaces on boats is very similar to the friction of air and the force of gravity on planes.

Weight and space efficiency are also factors in marine installations.  Turbine engines are unparalleled in this regard because they have a greater power-to-weight ratio than reciprocating engines.  Their power is better used to propel the boat, whereas diesel engines expend up to 20% of their power simply to move themselves due to their high weight.

Finally, in turbine engines, all moving parts spin centrifugally around a central shaft, eliminating the “grenade” effect all too familiar with experienced boaters.  This occurs when a reciprocating engine blows as a result of running at high RPMs for prolonged periods of time.

Custom manufactured MTT boats are treated on a case-by-case basis.  MTT is most interested in large scale production runs for specialized watercraft, whether civilian or military.