In addition to manufacturing turbine-powered frac pumps, MTT integrates two 1,400 HP turbine engines into our blending units. Completely self-contained and mobile, each turbine power package unit has a footprint of only 9′ x 4′.

The blenders can be customized to customer specifications.  MTT’s standard offering provides a diesel fuel system but they can also be configured to operate on 100% natural gas or a true dual fuel system that can be switched over in the field to liquid or gas.  The turbine engines are Tier IV compliant without any added treatment.  MTT uses state-of-the-art digital control systems with data logging and operational control via the web.  The blenders can be used for land or offshore use.


Engine:  2 each T-53 turbines
Power:  1,400 HP each

Pump Range:  Up to 125 BPM

Proppant Augers:  (2) 12″ and (1) 10″ up to 18,000 lbs/min

Additives:  (6) Liquid up to 36 GMP (1) Dry up to 25 lbs/min

Emissions:  Tier IV Compliant.  80% Less NOx and CO than Diesel Engines.

Liquid Fuel:  Runs on Bio-fuel up to B-100

Natural Gas:  Fuel Conversion Available for Field Gas, Pipeline Gas, CNG and LNG