In response to the industry’s need for high-density capacity in chemical and general pumping, we manufactured the MTT Turbine Double Pumper featuring dual 1,400 HP turbines driving dual 1,000 HHP quintiplex pumps on a single trailer.  A 420 HP turbine is installed to drive the hydraulic system.

Key to the MTT Turbine Double Pumper innovation are two each 1,400 HP turbines. Each turbine is stacked above a 1,000 HHP quintiplex pump.  The integration of the system includes a high-volume stainless mixing tank, centrifugal pumps, iron racks and a fully enclosed, climate-controlled house that can operate the entire system remotely. MTT elected to install its smallest turbine engine, the Rolls-Royce Model C20-B at 420 HP, as the power plant for the hydraulic drive system.

With the MTT Turbine Double Pumper there is significant high flow exhaust heat that exits the turbine at 1,100° F. This heat can be used to drive other processes, create steam, and/or superheat a product.  As is the case with all MTT turbine-powered pumps, our chemical and general pumps can run on bio fuels up through B-100 and a natural gas conversion can be ordered.  The double pumper package can be modularized for air transport.


Engine:  Turbine Engine X 2 for Power
Power:  1,400 HP Each

Engine:  Rolls-Royce C20 Turbine Engine for Hydraulics
Power:  420 HP

Hydraulic Horsepower:  1,000 HHP Quint Pumps X 2
Rate:  Up to 19.6 BPM
Pressure:  Up to 14,000 PSI

Emissions:  Tier IV Compliant. 80% Less NOx and CO than Diesel Engines.

Liquid Fuel:  Runs on #2 Diesel and Bio-fuel up to B-100
Natural Gas:  Fuel Conversion Available for Field Gas, Pipeline Gas, CNG and LNG

Transport:  Modular – Air Transportable