MTT has been the longstanding industry leader for turbine powered fire pumps, water transfer and flood control packages.  All fire fighting, water transfer and flood control packages can be customized and built from the ground up according to customer needs. Click on the package links to view information and photos for each package available.


Fire Fighting pump packages are fully transportable turbine powered systems that range in capacity from 1,000 to 60,000 Gallons per Minute (GPM) and with turbine power from 420 HP to 3,850 HP.  These compact units support onshore and offshore fire fighting, port security, mining, oil and gas production, irrigation, water jetting and especially flood control such as after Hurricane Katrina.

Weight and space efficiency are always factors in marine installations which required that MTT design the smallest turbine powered pump packages possible.   MTT’s fire pump units are superior due to the unequaled power-to-weight ratio of the turbine engines we supply.  In the case of MTT’s 8000 GPM fire pump unit, its 1,400 HP engine weighs approximately 680 lbs compared to its diesel counterpart which weighs 8,000 to 10,000 lbs.  A smaller power plant translates to a smaller footprint with less deck space required in a typical pump installation on a boat or a platform.

MTT’s fire pump units are capable of dispensing foam or liquid and can be fueled with diesel.  Since safety on the water is paramount, diesel has become the preferred fuel of the marine industry because it is less volatile than gasoline.  Diesel powered turbine systems from MTT are the ultimate in safety and efficiency.  Natural gas packages are also readily available


Water Transfer packages are trailer mounted pump assemblies capable of moving huge volumes of water.  MTT’s current package is sized for 60,000 GPM water delivery.   These packages are designed to deliver water from Point A to Point B with trunk lines and boost stations at any point along the way.  The main drivers are two each 3,850 HP rated gas turbine engines coupled to proprietary MTT reduction gearboxes.


Flood Control packages are simply the above referenced products which are used to dewater an area and deposit the flood water in a different spot.   MTT was heavily involved with the dewatering of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  All flood control packages are portable and can be easily moved on truck mounted trailers.