Nitrogen is used to fulfill many well stimulation requirements in the oilfield industry.  But, there are size and weight limitations governing how much volume can be delivered via the conventional diesel-powered pump trucks.  MTT has solved this problem by designing the MTT Turbine Nitrogen Pump, providing greater product capacity with the smallest footprint possible (420 HP – 3,850 HP), thereby leaving more room for larger storage tanks.

Conventional diesel N2 pump trucks must use heat from the tractor, often supplementing with a duct-fired process in order to vaporize the liquid nitrogen.  With the MTT Turbine Nitrogen Pump, high-flow waste heat exits the turbine at 1,100° F and, through a glycol heat exchanger, ~200 F heat is directed to flash the liquid nitrogen.  The remaining high volume, free heat can be used to drive other processes, create steam, and/or superheat the gaseous nitrogen for other applications.

As is the case with all MTT turbine-powered products, our nitrogen pumps can run on bio fuels through B-100 and can be modularized for air transport. On the seas, they are suitable as portable nitrogen hubs that support offshore work.


Engine:  Rolls-Royce C20 Turbine Engine
Power:  420 HP (or larger up to 3,850 HP)

Heat Source: 1,100 F Turbine Exhaust through a Heat Exchanger Flashes Liquid N2

Rate:  180,000 scfh up to 1,000,000
Pressure:  Up to 9,000 PSI

Emissions:  Tier IV Compliant. 80% Less NOx and CO than Diesel Engines.

Liquid Fuel:  Runs on #2 Diesel and Bio-fuel up to B-100
Natural Gas:  Fuel Conversion Available for Field Gas, Pipeline Gas, CNG and LNG

Transport:  Modular – Air Transportable