MTT has designed the ultimate solution to the ever increasing concern for coastal erosion and damage to the wetlands.  The MTT Super Airboat consists of a proprietary propulsion system using two 1,500 HP marinized gas turbine engines.  This package is designed to offer unparalleled performance using our exclusive 10 ft. diameter propeller system which generates more thrust than any system in production today.  The core technology was developed for Winged Ship Technologies in South Korea as the main propulsion system for their ground breaking WIG (Wing in Ground).  The MTT Super Airboat offers a provision for reverse thrust (something unheard of with conventional airboat technology).

As with all of MTT’s offerings our system is designed to run on various fuels with diesel being the fuel of choice.  The volatility of gasoline makes conventional airboats potential bombs when operating in hazardous areas such as oil spills and fire situations. Each airboat is capable of being rigged with an articulating crane, hydraulic drill, firefighting equipment and rescue configurations as specified by the customer.

Applications for the MTT Super Airboat can be found in inland waterways where oil, gas and utility work has taken place.  For example, in Louisiana where MTT is located, there are countless oil wells that were drilled in our coastal areas when dredging was an acceptable practice.  These same wells are now virtually inaccessible without destroying the environment surrounding them.

Tens of millions of dollars are being spent in the remediation of our coastal wetlands to only be destroyed by marshbuggys which devastate the vegetation that we are relying on to combat erosion.  MTT’s Super Airboat has no environmental impact and leaves no footprint on the areas they are deployed.  They are the future of coastal conservation while providing valuable work such as plug and abandon work, pipeline work, remediation or any use that has sensitivity to marshlands.



Engine:  Turbine Engine – Marinized 1,500 HP Turbines
Engine Power:  1,500 HP Each X 2
Hull:  15 ft X 27 ft Aluminum Construction
Fuel Capacity:  500 Gallons

Propellers:  Two Each 5 Blade 10 ft. Diameter Carbon Fiber Units

Drive System:  MTT’s Proprietary Transmission System Featuring Forward, Neutral and Reverse Thrust

Liquid Fuel:  Runs on #2 Diesel, Kerosene, Aviation and Bio-fuel up to B-100



MTT’s 15 x 27′ Super Turbine Airboat is 3,000 HP with an 8 ton payload. It has 10,000 lbs. thrust to operate on land and water. It is designed to adapt to any configuration such as for utility work, pipeline, wireline, coiled tubing, EMS, P&A, well remediation and frac pumps. This airboat is the solution for sensitive marshlands. The airboat is scalable to 8,000 HP and 25,000 lbs. thrust.





MTT 16 x 45′ Twin Turbine Super Airboat.  Twin 1,500 HP T-53 Honeywell turbine engines on diesel fuel with 10 foot diameter / 5 blade carbon fiber props.  Multi-fuel capable which includes lower volatility fuels such as No. 2 diesel and kerosene.  Dry weight: 17,660 lbs.  Wet weight with fuel: 22,000 lbs.  Single point lifting harness. In water the deck load capacity is 80,000 lbs.   The boat is capable of transporting 12,000 lbs. of payload over dry ground or green marsh with no environmental impact.  In marsh it is variable but not limited to 12,000 lbs.  Welded aluminum hull.  Completely decked over and bulk-headed.  Below deck fuel tanks at 620 gallons.  Under deck equipment storage with transport space.  The vessel significantly lowers the environmental impact, decreases permitting times, provides faster transport capabilities and speeds project completion timeframe.  The boat displaces about 10 inches at the stern with fuel.  In the video we were able to run dry land and green marsh with 12,000 lbs. of payload on the deck.






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