MTT was awarded a contract to design the propulsion system for our Korean partner, Wing Ship Technology.  The “Wing In Ground” is a fast ferry that flies above the ocean surface via a cushion of high pressure air between its wing and the water.  It falls under the category of specialized transportation and commercialized ferry.

MTT’s designed and manufactured the 1,400 HP propulsion power train with custom 10 foot props for the WIG.  The power train develops 4,800 lbs thrust and there are two per ship.  The propulision system can be designed for forward, neutral and reverse with a variable and fixed prop.

MTT specializes in custom designed Propulsion Systems for industrial marine boats.  These can be large airboats with special purpose decks with room for heavy equipment used for firefighting, dredging, pipe trenching, wireline, marsh clean-up, utility / powerlines, EMS / rescue and general transportation.  The size of the craft, whether on a winged airship or a boat, is only limited by the propulsion system.  Therefore, MTT uses our core 1,400 HP propulsion system – with 4,800 lbs of thrust.  The turbines can be upgraded to a dual configuration to generate 4,000 HP per engine.

The WIG in service in South Korea