MTT was awarded a contract to design the propulsion system for our Korean partner, Wing Ship Technology.  The “Wing In Ground” is a fast ferry that flies above the ocean surface via a cushion of high pressure air between its wing and the water.  It falls under the category of specialized transportation and commercialized ferry.


Why use turbines in boats?  The clear choice for power in the aviation industry, turbine engines are a viable multi-fuel power option for the demanding marine industry.  Why? Interestingly, the friction created by wetted opposing surfaces on boats is very similar to the friction of air and the force of gravity on planes


In the early 1960’s, Chrysler stunned the world with its version of a turbine-powered car.  With an interest in renewing this buzz, MTT called upon its extensive turbine installation experience and produced the MTT Turbine RetroROCKET.  Built from the popular Chevy S-10 truck, the Turbine RetroROCKET combines the nostalgia of a 1940 Ford with the features of a modern truck. That began MTT’s research and development of multiple turbine powered automobiles.