MTT are the developers and leaders of the turbine-powered frac equipment revolution.   We designed and built the first fully integrated “Frac Stack Pack” and successfully supported large fleets operating in the field.  These frac units use a 3,850 HP turbine to drive a 2,000 to 3,000 HHP pump for well stimulation applications.  MTT packages are small, light weight and can be customized to customer specifications for land or offshore use.



In addition to manufacturing turbine-powered frac pumps, MTT integrates two 1,400 HP turbine engines into our blending units. Completely self-contained and mobile, each turbine power package unit has a footprint of only 9′ x 4′.



Nitrogen is used to fulfill many well stimulation requirements in the oilfield industry.  But, there are size and weight limitations governing how much volume can be delivered via the conventional diesel-powered pump trucks.  MTT has solved this problem by designing the MTT Turbine Nitrogen Pump, providing greater product capacity with the smallest footprint possible (420 HP – 3,850 HP), thereby leaving more room for larger storage tanks.



In response to the industry’s need for high-density capacity in chemical and general pumping, we manufactured the MTT Turbine Double Pumper featuring dual 1,400 HP turbines driving dual 1,000 HHP quintiplex pumps on a single trailer.  A 420 HP turbine is installed to drive the hydraulic system.